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Experiential African travel 

African Culture Trip (ACT) is a Netherlands based travel organization that arranges meaningful travel across the world.
We believe that travel should positively impact the life of the traveler and the destination they are visiting. We create meaningful by incorporation some form of volunteering and charity work in your travel experience to the African continent.

• Explore your travel knowledge
• Experience a customized travelling journey

Our Mission

Our Mission is to give travelers experiences that add meaning to their lives and the visiting local community.

Our Services

Meaningful Travel

Solo Trips

Sustainable Travel

• Destination Weddings

Group Trips

Experiential African travel 



Our Volunteer Work Partners

The Eye of the Lord Orphanage (visit official website>>)

Travel and volunteering

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Meet the Founder

Traveller, mom, culture expert and travel curator

Hi, my name is Panford and you, in particular, reading my post can call me Panford (haha). My interest in seeing and experiencing different cultures around the world and writing about different people and their way of life landed me here.

Find out more about Panford here.

Have you got questions? Make sure you get in touch via

Come on board, as I ignite the energy in you to go out there and enjoy the beauty of Africa all around the world. One will ask, ‘all around the world’? Yes,


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